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Daddy…… Why?

i am chained down and shackled….. My air is fading and my esteem crushed…. Why do you do this to me…. Im compared with everyone else and I’m not allowed to be my own person…. Do you even know that your doing this to me? Every one of your words drills through me like a knife wound. But there i am just standing there, holding back all the emotion and tears. Will i ever get to grow up? Will i be chained as your little girl forever? You make me feel like a monster but your the one who created me. So wont you try and understand what im going through? I have become defensive, so i can protect myself from being hurt by you.

God gave you a baby. You were to take care of her, feed her, clothe her, but not shut her out. in your own way, your protecting me but thats not how i see it… I know no matter how hard i try you wont understand me.. So maybe one day you’ll see this, and it will explain my pain and sorrow. We can try and mend the past but until then all i can do is wait….

                                                                                       ~ Your Baby Girl

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